The Game Makers Toolshed – Tools for Creating Serious Games


While a wide variety of ready-to-play games can be found online, seldom is a game a perfect fit for the concept the instructor would like students to master. When a good fit is not readily available, there are tools instructors can use to create their own digital games. Different tools can be used at different stages of the design process from concept to completion. We will look at some of the tools through the spectrum of price and required programming skills, starting with QuizGame Master, eToys, and Scratch to GameMaker, Unity and Flash.

Additional Resources

Program/App Website
Kodu Game Lab
QuizGame Master
ProProfs Games
Gamestar Mechanic
Flash Game Developer Tools



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April 2014 @ Kaplan University Center for Teaching and Learning, online

January 2014 @ Joint Mathematics Meeting, Baltimore, MD

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