Dr. Tammy’s Math Pages

I have been teaching adult learners Mathematics for over 15 years and online for over 10 years. Gaming, crafting, and reading are a few of my hobbies that are often brought into my lessons. Exploring the use of digital games for students, creating games and additional materials are also important in my professional growth.

I believe every person can learn any aspect of math that interests them. Not every student comes to class knowing which aspects they will need, so I do try to provide some insight as to topics that they will use and how they may use them in person and professional situations. Some people may have to work harder than others to learn needed math topics, but it can still be done. The first step to be successful in learning math is to believe that you can do it. I help students with this by providing extra materials to suit learning styles, and to help improve math self-beliefs. Another important way I help my students is to provide detailed and timely feedback so students can learn from mistakes and improve their work.