Student Reviews of Math Games


This poster presentation of Student Reviews of Math Games will review the length of time students played the offered games as well as any reviews of the games provided by the student. This data was collected as part of the dissertation study for “Serious Mathematics Games Bolster Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy in Women Learners” defended in April 2017.

Serious Math Games Used in Study

Title General Information Description Link
Algebra Meltdown Linear Equations and Number Machines Young Adult game where you are the scientist putting the correct atoms in the reactor.
Fruit Splat Mixed Integer Add, Subtract & Multiply Children’s game with several levels and timed or relaxed mode. Select the fruit that answers the arithmetic problem.
Math at the Mall Working with Money Young Adult game solving application problems at a mall, use arrow keys and make sure you walk to the end of the walkway, do not try to go in the ‘door’.
Math Man Multiplication Pac-Man type Multiplication Use arrow keys to play this just like Pac-Man, but he can only eat the ghosts that solve the arithmetic problem.
Melvin’s Make a Match Fractions From PBS Kids, children’s game, match the fractions on the potion bottles
Party Designer Area, perimeter K-12 game, where you plan the layout for a party.
PEMDAS Blaster Use Order of Operations to get the robots Young Adult game solve the arithmetic problems to shoot the bad robots and reload your weapon.
Transtar Reflections, Rotations, Dilations and Translations Young Adult game using geometric moves to make a star portal.


Eyster, T. (2017) Serious Mathematics Games Bolster Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy in Women Learners (Doctoral dissertation, Northcentral University).

Finlayson, M. (2014). Addressing math anxiety in the classroom. Improving Schools, 17(1), 99–115.

October, 2017 @ Kaplan University Village, online

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