Playing Games in Class


Playing Games in Class is not a new concept, even though the research has been growing on this topic. The question most educators have is not how good or effective games are for learning, but “how can I put it in my class without spending more time, money or energy than I really have?” We will play this game and all come out winners.


  • What is a Game?
  • Research
  • In Class possibilities
  • What I have used
  • Brainstorming
  • Where to Get stuff
  • Games Sites To try
  • Computer Games to play with NOW
  • Support Options

Additional Resources

Matching Game Template Files

CardBack.jpg ~ optional

FirstCardSound.aiff ~ sound not used

FirstCardSound.mp3 ~ Required, can use the one below instead ~ Required

MatchGame.fla ~ Required, main part of game, based on the matching game found in

MatchGame.html ~ Playable ~ Required

MatchSound.aiff ~ sound not used

MatchSound.mp3 ~ Required, can use the one below instead

MissSound.aiff ~ sound not used

MissSound.mp3 ~ Required, can use the one below instead

Modifying the Match Game ~ Video tutorial for modifying this version ~ Required

AS3 Game Programing University, link below

Software ~ more in Game Engines, below

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flex

Game Building Sites

Quandary Home Page

Quiz Game Master educational resources


General Game Sites

Big Fish Games

FaceBook ~ has lots of casual games

GameHouse Free Games

PopCap Games

Real Arcade

Wild Tangent

Other Interesting Information


20 Best Flash Game Tutorials to Create Your Own Flash Game | Dzine Blog

ActionScript 3 Tutorials

Adobe Flash – Make a Complete Fighting Game! tutorial

Adobe Flash CS3- AS3 and AS2 game tutorials roundup |

Building a Drag-and-Drop Jigsaw Puzzle – Part 1

Create Your Own Flash Adventure Game – Level Loading – Tutorialized

Create Your Own Flash Adventure Game – Path Finding – Tutorialized

Developing the 3D Adventure Game-Based Assessment System with Wii Remote Interaction ~ Digiplay Initiative

Flash Flash Puzzle Game Tutorial

Flash Game Design

Flash Game Development with Flex and Actionscript – Gettings Started

Flash Game Tutorial – FlepStudio forum

Flash Game University

Flash Interactivity Tutorial : Move the pieces of the puzzle with AS3 –

Flash Memory Game – Free Download!

Flash Memory Game Tutorials

Flash tutorials – Building a Drag-and-Drop Jigsaw Puzzle

Flash Tutorials — Game Development

Game Design Concepts – all your game development needs

gotoAndPlay Flash Tutorials — Game Programming Patterns

gotoAndPlay Flash Tutorials — Game Programming Patterns

Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote ~ Great ideas!

How the Wii Remote Works

Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote

Lynda Training

P2L Tutorial Search | View Tutorial –

The Art of Computer Game Design

Search for Game Tutorial and the application

Other Related Articles, Blogs & Such

100 Best Blogs for Tech-Savvy Teachers – Online Courses

60 Educational Game Sites That You’ve Probably Never Seen ~ Excellent resource

Clark Aldrich: Using Serious Games and Simulations: A Quick and Dirty Guide

Digital Classroom Resources ~ MathDL Flash Forum

Digital Media and Learning Competition

Directory of E-Learning Tools: Interactivity tools

Free Technology for Teachers: Five Ways to Build Your Own Educational Games

Gamasutra: Rewarding Players Over Multiple Narrative Layers

Game Developers Conference San Francisco 2010

Game Education Summit USA

Games in Education

Games in Education

GLS 6.0 2010


play think learn » Nicola Whitton

PPT Games ~ University of Wisconsin – Whitewater


Technology Tools

The Online Games in Education Unconference – Fireside Learning: Conversations about Education

Theory of Fun

Other Peoples Games

20 Free Interactive Multimedia Resources for Educators | Using ICT in Further Education

Discovery Kids: Fun and Games

Exhibits Collection — Amusement Park Physics

Free Math Video Game & Curriculum From MIT: Engages Students And Facilitates 21st Century Learning! « 21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Free Online Games to Play at

Fun Based Learning – Line Gem 1

Games Magazine

Gaming for Education

Kids’ Stories, Songs, Games, Educational Activities for Children, Free!

Maths Games | Flower Power game | Order numbers fractions decimals percentages

pedagogies of amusement

Playing History | Browse Items

Think Like a Mathematician, Save the World from Monsters » Spotlight

XP Math – Math Games Arcade – Solving Addition Equations

Search Online for your field or topic & Game

Game Engines, Tools & Free Stuff to make games more enjoyable

Classroom Clipart – Free Clipart, Clip Art Pictures,Royalty Free Photographs Illustrations

Dover Publishing Clip Art ~ Sign up for Free Samples

Flash Develop

FLYING YOGI Fun Stuff – SpriteLib GPL ~ Free

Frogames Game development resources, 3D models & content packs ~ may have ed licensing

Game Editor – the game design software for anyone interested in game developing.

GoAnimate – Create your own cartoons and animations easily.

Open Source Flash

Processing ~ Open Source Programming


Sumo Paint ~ Similar to Photoshop

SWiSH – Easy Flash Animation Software Tools and Designer Templates

The online royalty free clipart 20561 – vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain

The Scrolling Game Development Kit Homepage

UNITY: Overview ~ Game Engine ~ Free?

Wii Flash Server Download Site

Xtranormal ~ Text-to-Movie

YoYo Games ~ Game Maker

Search Online for Royalty-Free or CopyRight Free music & art

Join your local users’ group!

If I missed any, you find more, think I put something in the wrong category or the link is broken, PLEASE let me know!

Some of the above require Adobe Flash, which I understand is being phased out.


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