Audio, Documents, and Screens, Oh My! Free and Easy Online Collaboration


Online collaboration tools allow faculty to work with students and peers remotely.  Many free and easy tools are available which include whiteboards, screen and document sharing, and audio/video capabilities.  Several options will be examined and compared.

Each of the tools can be used to demonstrate problem solving, conduct brainstorming activities, work collaboratively on projects, and student demonstrations.  Benefits for students include increasing instructor presence by enhancing the connection between instructor and students, providing a means for live interactions, and allowing for immediate communication which can reduce stress and misunderstanding.


  • General Comparison
  • Join Me!
  • Google Hangouts
  • Real Time Board

Additional Resources


Workshop December 2015 @ 2015 Innovations in Teaching Symposium, Harrisburg, PA

Workshop with Lea Rosenberry, November 2015: AMATYC, New Orleans, LA

Presentation with Lea Rosenberry, August 2015: MAA MathFest, Washington, DC

Presentation with Lea Rosenberry, June 2015: Kaplan University School of General Education Conference, online

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