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What is Self-Paced Learning?

This type of learning takes place when the learner has time. The learner can take their time with the material or go through it as quickly as they can. Often times, the learner can choose the order in which the material is presented (Broadbent, 2002, p. 14).

The materials are created by an instructor, though the instructor does not interact with the learner.

The materials can be on a computer, corporate network, a portable storage device or on the internet.

Lynda and many other websites have self-paced courses for learning various applications and programs.

Some instructors have made materials to help students for learning particular topics. For instance, My Math Site is made by a math instructor for my students. If this was a site about farming, or a craft, while I have knowledge in those areas, I am not an expert, and so that would make it Informal, but since I am a math instructor, students can use this for self-paced learning, often to supplement other learning.