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What is Leader-Led Learning?

Leader-Led Learning is formal learning, where the instructor or other faciliator may have lessons as in Self-Paced Learning, but also provides interaction of some form with the learner (Broadbent, 2002, p. 16).

Webucator and many other sites, as well as many colleges and universities now provide this type of training.

It is also possible for Leader-Led Learning to have an online discussion group, and reference other places on the internet, the instructor could suggest places for the student to find some information, and the group goes back to the discussion group to share their findings. For example, I have a group on Facebook for my students who attend one school where I teach. If we discuss the materials from My Math Site, from the Self-Paced Training, and possibly other relavent sites this interaction would make this Leader-Led.

Most times having material where the students can test there knowledge is helpful. One example that could be used with this type of learning would be a Digital Game, though there are many sites that can formally test the student's knowledge. An example of a digital game would be the game I made for testing my students knowledge of prime numbers, Prime Sweeper (Eyster, 2010). Other learning activies could be used, and some examples that I have used are on my Math Games Page.