Rams Hill Farm Plants

Cilantro for September Anise Hyssop

Baby Roo's Educational Herb: Cilantro

Little Tigger's Bouncing Herb: Anise Hyssop


Rams Hill Farm Herb Bags are 50¢ each, when brought back for refill/exchange receive 25¢ credit. These will only be good for edible herbs & a minimum herb purchase of $1 each use. If exchanged we will wash the bag between uses.

Herb Sampler/Kits will contain enough herbs to season the dish for 4 and are 50¢ per herb(except Bay). Some suggested combinations & recipes. As more herbs become available, we will make more recommendations. Pick your own combination or let us choose based on your meal!

We try to grow a nice variety of plants. Most of the herbs we grow are edible, though we do have a couple that are not, like tansy and pennyroyal. Our flowers are mostly to add color to our landscape, but some of them grow so profusely that we sometimes offer them to our In Season Produce subscribers. Some of our produce includes tomatoes, corn, potatoes, radishes. We are adding strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and several kinds of fruit trees.

To see what herbs, produce and flowers are currently available for sale, visit our In Season Produce, or sign up for the regular email through our GuestBook.