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Materials For KU Village 2010

Items Referenced

Creating Serious Digital GamesPaper ~ PDF of Paper
Bibliography for Paper
Creating Serious Digital GamesPPT ~ PDF of PowerPoint
Ready to Use Games
Simple & Serious Game Collections
My Math Games
XP Math
Playing to Learn Math
Play and Learn ~ Organized by subject matter ~ Blog List
Entertainment Games ~ where to find some to try
Wild Tangent
Big Fish Games
Real Arcade
GameHouse Free Games
PopCap Games
FaceBook ~ has lots of casual games
Ready to Modify Games ~ Quiz Game Master ~ Raptivity ~ Quandary Home Page ~ C3 Softworks Ping ~ že-Learning Flash Game Templates, Blog list Blog List of Quiz Generators, some are listed above
Applications to Make Your Own
Drag & Drop ~ Scratch ~ eToys ~ Camtasia ~ Hidden Object 1 scene games
A little bit of code writing ~ Game Maker
More Advanced ~ lots of programming ~ Unity ~ Flash Professional, there are other applications for writing Flash programs.
Very short list of good Flash training
AS 3.0 Flash Game Programming University
Real-World Flash Game Development
Game Design with Flash

Join your local users' group! I try to make it to at least the Flash or Adobe group each month. You can get great ideas & learn more stuff. Oh, they often have discounts & giveaways too.

Some websites I have not included because I have never used their things, like Java, some were not included because I don't know about them, like other game collections. Would love to learn about more collections of Serious Games to include here! Please let me know!